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Science Fair / Family Science Night 2017

Science Fair: March 16-17 &
Family Science Night: March 16 (5:30-8:30 pm)

Families, get ready for the Escondido Science Fair and prepare to be impressed by our students’ presentations of an amazing multitude of science projects! In addition, we will be holding our 5th Annual Family Science Night for families of all grades, K-5.

As a Parent/Guardian, How Can I Be Involved?

Open the world of science to your budding scientist’s eyes, practice life skills of curiosity, organization and perseverance, and satisfy Developmental Assets all at the same time. We encourage you to guide your scientist as they complete the project themselves. The Escondido Science Fair and Family Discovery Night is not a competition and all students are invited to participate. Student support is available through the "Ask a Scientist" program. Every Wednesday at noon from January 18-March 15, Stanford PhD students will be at Escondido to help students with project ideas and questions.

How to Register

To register, please fill out the  Online Entry Form at Science Fair Entry Form 2017. Please donate $5 to help defray Science Fair expenses.  Pay via PayPal or drop your $5 donation (in an envelope with your child's name and room #) in the Science Fair box in the school office. Donations cover printing of guidebooks, a poster board should you need one, and other Science Fair costs. Scholarships are available. If registering online is not possible, paper registration forms are available in the office. The deadline for registration is Monday, January 30th.

Contact Us! Help Out! Questions?

We need volunteers for a number of things in the days leading up to the Science Fair/Science Night as well as during the events themselves. Volunteer via this link. If you have any questions regarding the scope of projects, resources, scholarship opportunities, or the like, please contact Julie Tomz (

Important Dates

Monday January 30   Deadline for entry form & $5 donation per participant
Thursday  March 16 Projects due in MP/ Library
Thursday March 16 Family Science Night
Friday March 17 Projects must be removed by 3 p.m.

Guidebooks and other resources:

Science project ideas: