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Student Activities & Events

Some of the programs available to Escondido students:


  • Noon Sports: Variety of organized sports activities available to 3rd to 5th grade students.
  • Special Assemblies: 4 during the year on various topics such as recycling, bullying, opera, etc.
  • Spectra Art: Your kids will amaze you with what they bring home! Funds from Partners in Education (PiE) provide this program taught by a trained specialist. It provides staff development for teachers until their third year of teaching and hands-on art experiences for elementary children in their classrooms.
  • Playworks TeamUp Program (Class Game Time K-5, Jr. Coaches 3rd-5th)
  • Escondido Student Leadership Council grades 3-5
  • School-wide Morning Yoga K-5



  • Ice Cream Social: Eat ice cream and get reacquainted with your class friends, meet new families.
  • Back to School Night: Meet your teacher, principal, and PTA.
  • Walk/Bike/Carpool to School Day: Do your part for global warming!
  • Bike Safety Program: 3rd grade. The The Third Grade Bike Safety Program is a bicycle education program offered each fall to PAUSD third graders. This is a fun 3-part program with an on-bike rodeo to teach key skills to keep kids safe on the road. The last lesson is an on-bike practice ("Bike Rodeo") with bicycle professionals, PA Fire Department, and PA Police Department.
  • Halloween Parade


  • Science Fair: Available to all grades. Each student chooses a question they would like to explore and makes a poster with their question and their answers they found. The participating students set up their posters in the MP room, and other children have the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Penny Power. All grades. Annual fundraiser for a worthy cause.
  • Escondido Talent Show.


  • International Fair
  • Last Day of School Fair
  • Earth Day Recycling Fashion Show