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A significant cluster of Escondido families’ homes exists in every neighborhood of Palo Alto. SchoolPools are a great way to help us build a stronger community as well as make the streets and air around our school safer for our children.

Signing up on our SchoolPool social networking site will help find families in your neighborhood. Students and parents can work together to find opportunities for sharing commutes, such as:

  • rainy day carpools
  • bike trains
  • walking school buses
  • a couple days/week or morning or afternoon only ride shares
  • rides to after-school activities
  • requesting a neighbor’s help for an emergency
  • after-school play dates
  • … anything at all!

How to get started:

Through a city-administered VTA grant, Escondido now has our own SchoolPool social networking site funded through 2014. It is a secure network accessible only to Escondido families. To get started:

  1. Sign up, and the parent volunteers (Amy Butte and Stefan Rosner) will verify your affiliation with the school and approve your registration within 24 hours.
  2. Once approved, you will be notified so that you may sign in and build your profile. Your profile becomes 100% complete when you have added information about your family and a picture. The cell phone information is requested for reminders about scheduled SchoolPools that can be sent via text message, should you enable this feature.
  3. Select “Find a Match” to see other families on the map and view their profiles. Click “Add to my SchoolPool network” to send a message about a pool.
  4. Schedule a SchoolPool among neighbors. The site allows you to synchronize with other calendars and receive text message reminders.

Please contact Amy (amyrbutte at or Stefan (Stefan dot Rosner at with any questions.

Thank you all for working to build our community and reduce traffic.  Happy pooling!

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