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Lunch & Brunch

Children may bring their lunch or buy a lunch at school. Brunch is also available at first recess.

Menus for school-provided brunches and lunches are available here. More district-wide information about student meal plans is available here.


Students who want to buy hot lunch need to sign up in class before 8:30 am each morning. They go to the lunch line to pick up their lunches at lunchtime. You may pick up a printed Escondido-specific lunch menu from the school office. PAUSD elementary lunch prices:

  • Reduced Price Lunch, $0.40
  • Full Price Lunch, $4.75


Brunch is served in the MP Room every day at the 10:00 AM recess. Students who receive a free or reduced price lunch will receive a free or reduced price brunch as well. Students do not have to sign up for brunch. Brunch payments can be made on the lunch account. Brunch prices:

  • Reduced Price Brunch, $0.30
  • Full Price Brunch, $3.00

Paying for meals

Meals can be paid for in two ways:

  1. Cash Method - Students pay with cash at time of purchase.
  2. Account Method - Money is deducted from a student's account each time a purchase is made, provided there is money in the account. All PAUSD students have an account. While schools are not obligated to provide meals to children eligible for full-priced meals who forget their money, PAUSD offers meal charges.

PAUSD POLICY ON MEAL CHARGES: Students can charge up to 3 lunches. A notice will be sent home after the 3rd lunch, and we will no longer provide any lunch until the balance is paid. PLEASE BE SURE TO DEPOSIT MONEY BEFORE YOUR STUDENT ORDERS LUNCH.

How to deposit money into accounts

  1. Give cash or checks (payable to PAUSD) to the school office.
  2. Mail a check to Student Nutrition Services at 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Please include student name(s) and room number(s) on the check.
  3. Open an account at and charge to your credit cards. There is a $3 fee per transaction for this service.

We highly recommend that parents open an account. There is NO FEE in opening an account. In addition to being able to charge to your credit cards, it will enable you to view all your students’ lunch activities and balances.

Free and reduced-priced meals

Families may be eligible for free or reduced priced meals. To apply for Free and Reduced Meals, download the Free and Reduced Meals form or visit to apply online. You may also pick up a Free and Reduced Meal Application Form at any school site or at the district office, and then return the completed form to: 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.