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The Palo Alto Unified School District spent time reviewing the district homework administrative regulations and policy.  During the 2011-12 school year parents at Escondido and across the district gave feedback on what matters most about homework.  Escondido teachers spent time during the 2012-13 school year reading the research about homework including "Rethinking Homework-Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs" by Cathy Vatterott  and "The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing" by Alfie Kohn and discussing the rationale for giving homework. As we work to be in alignment with the district homework policy and responsive to our research, which indicates that at the elementary level, children benefit from reading homework.

Homework at Escondido will be given as follows:

  • All Escondido students grades K-5 are expected to be read to by an adult, read with an adult or read independently for at least 30 minutes per day outside of school.
  • Teachers will provide students with just right books to read for homework
  • In grades K-4, meaningful individual skills practice, occasional activities and or family projects to support classroom learning may be assigned.
  • An example of skills practice: A student that needs to work on his or her multiplication facts may be given a math game to play with his or her family at home.
  • An example of occasional activities: In kindergarten, students may be asked to count all of the pairs of shoes by two or write a letter to a special friend.
  • An example of family projects: In second grade, some classrooms have an ancestor project that is completed with the family at home and presented in class.
  • In grade 5, in addition to reading for 30 minutes per night, Everyday Math homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday and Language Arts projects will be assigned as needed.